About Me

. Sanam Vaghefi, Ph.D. 

I am a sociologist, Ph.D. holder, and an award-winner academic writer. 

Teaching and Tutoring

I have worked as a teaching assistant and tutorial leader in various sociology courses for three years, as well as designing and delivering my own sociology courses for two terms as an instructor at the University of Victoria. For more than one year, I have been supporting students through one-on-one tutoring sessions to help them overcome various challenges they face and to guide them with a better understanding of learning and research strategies. 

My Research

My research career includes delivering multiple successful online and offline conference presentations, and publications on progress. Several papers based on my doctoral research and other projects won article awards from the IRCC of Canada, the Canadian Sociological Association, and Ankara University in Turkey. 

Language Services

In addition to my work as a sociologist, I am a certified teacher of Turkish as an additional language. As someone who was raised in Turkey as a migrant, I truly enjoy supporting migrants, visitors, and fellow language enthusiasts with their Turkish language skills across different levels. 

In addition to Turkish, I have taught Farsi (Persian) and English to students at online teaching platforms including Preply.com, as well as various language centers in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Other language services that I have been providing include translation and interpretation in English-Turkish, English-Farsi and Farsi-Turkish language pairs. 

Please check my brief resume for information about my language certifications, work experience, and academic achievements.

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